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Simple Servings is our new resident dining option, providing safe and appetizing food choices for our customers with food allergies or gluten intolerance. The Simple Servings station will not offer foods made with the FDA most-common allergens of peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, milk products, and eggs. All foods offered will be made without gluten-containing ingredients. Our kitchen prepares many other foods with gluten and all of the listed allergens. 

Simple Servings staff members are carefully trained to avoid cross-contamination of their menu items. Separate equipment, storage areas, utensils and preparation areas minimize but do not totally eliminate, the chances of gluten and allergens in our Simple Servings foods. While the Simple Servings program is designed to allow customers to have an easy way to avoid gluten and allergens, the station is open to everyone. Simple Servings is located in the Hogarth Dining Hall, running Monday through Thursday for lunch and dinner and Friday. for lunch only. Check out the menu for today located in the Hogarth Dining Hall tab.
If you have questions about Simple Servings or your special dietary needs, please email our Regional Dietitian, Kelsey at